Into the Blue

“New Hope New Destinies” Project

Having found myself feeling disenfranchised at the previous MUSH I role-played at two-years ago, I had begun stringing together ideas I had been mulling over, for the past few years at that point, into what I now call “New Hope New Destinies”. I shamelessly snagged the title of my project from a line in a song that I felt summed up the tenor of my premise.

A colony vessel in the early days of interstellar travel that finds itself lost in an unknown star system without a way back, yet finding hope in a planet that just happens to be habitable. Well, habitable after a bit of work and don’t mind the flare star it orbits. At least the heavy magnetic field seems to keep most of the harmful radiation at bay. Yet, as I said, there is hope and new destinies await.

So far after working on the project, off and on, for the past two or so years, I just have the beginnings of a new planet and its star system, history of how such space travel came about, and a bit of the conditions on Earth that would cause colony vessels to begin moving on into space.

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