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My concealed carry permit finally arrived. From now on, I can legally carry a pistol in public in a concealed fashion. I suppose, it was the next logical step after purchasing my first pistol. So far, I have come to two conclusions already while carrying it: I feel really self-conscious, and I really need a holster. I’m considering Blackhawk’s Inside-the-Pants holster as it is cheap and seems to be highly recommended for my style of carry.

For those that may be wondering why I decided to apply for a concealed weapons permit, it’s simple — because I can. Not because I fear for my life, or have someone threatening harm against me; and god forbid that I ever will. It’s much for the same reason I wear a seat -belt when driving. I may never be in a collision and ever utilize the function a seat-belt serves, yet I’d rather not be wishing I wore my seat-belt when I see a car coming head-on in my lane. I feel the same about carrying a firearm. I’d rather have it and never need it than to find myself in a situation where I sorely wish I was armed. As Robert A. Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.”

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