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A Bold Start to the New Year

December 31st, 2014

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. If it’s important enough to change next year, it’s important enough to change immediately. However, this year, I feel compelled to use the new year to redouble efforts on the resolutions I’ve struggled — some I’ve even failed — to keep over the years.

In matters of faith, I intend to take up my daily scripture study again. Along with that, I will also be reading a daily devotional, attending church regularly, and working to keep a Sabbath as best I can. The latter is for my own sanity, as it will afford time for decompression from the rest of the week. I’ve been feeling adrift lately, and I know the erosion of this pillar in my life is at the root.

Another goal for the year is to establish a daily workout routine to get back into the shape I was in five years ago. If I can find a league that fits my schedule, I want to get back into indoor soccer. I’ll also be looking to get out hiking more often starting in the spring.

I have plans to build up my relationships this year. I’ll be working to strengthen my relationship with Barbara. I’ll be calling my parents and brother more frequently to keep in touch, and take back up my letter writing to my grandmother.

I’ve already started working through the Art of Manliness30 Days to a Better Man and working through its thought-provoking questions. I’m hoping to learn and grow from the experience and find better ways to live my life as I continue maturing out of my 20s.

Reading is also a habit I shall be rebuilding this year. I’ve read only three books in the last two years, and I feel rather shamed by the lists of my friends. I would like to get in the habit of reading at least three books a month. I’ve always enjoyed learning, thinking, and growing; whether from fiction or non-fiction.

It’s a tall order for myself, a bold start to the new year, but if I maintain even half of my goals, I’ll be proud. I only know I’ve seen little progress in my life over the last several years and I grow tired of seeing the same man at the end of each year. So here’s to 2015 and growing wiser than I’ve been.

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