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The Blog

I’ve always heard that a writer should have a blog, and I’ve come to agree. It’s a fun media in which a writer can get out thoughts as well as receive critique. I find I have a lot of thoughts and have been known to go on long rants when something I witness or read strikes a deep chord within me, and those that have read a few of my entries on my MySpace page know that I can write a lot about a single event.

So this is my virtual pulpit, if you will, from which to spout my opinions. It is also my cyber cafe in which I share my stories and, in rare moments of insanity, the occasional poem. It is of life, love, and aviation; three words that easily sum up this blog. My life, my loves (for I have many in life, and Aviation, chief love of them all next to God and bestowed upon me by God). I hope that you will come to find my stories and musings enjoyable.

The Author

The author's photoAs for who I am? I am just a man, of no real note at all. It’s a status I enjoy. After all, I would sorely hate to see my face plastered all over the impulse rack while I’m buying groceries, or getting pestered at a coffee shop by strangers who think they know all about me. It’s my fervent hope that I shall always remain thus, though God is known to exhibit a sense of humor. He did take a man who grew up despising English class and writing and, in his early twenties, instill in him a strong desire to write fiction — only one in a myriad of examples revealing His good sense of humor.

God also gave the same man a passion for aviation paired with a terror of heights. Put me in a plane and I am happy as can be. Put me on a bridge or the edge of a cliff and I will tear through you to get away. Aviation has long been an obsession. Though I’ve been unable to continue my studies in it, I still pursue it with the hope that I’ll once again continue with the dream. It has much too strong a hold on my soul to let it perish. It’s had a hold since birth. Perhaps it was my first plane trip just weeks after entering this world. Perhaps it was my growing up in Alaska, the place that I still consider home. Either way, I feel it to be my calling.

Along with writing, I also enjoy role-playing. It’s a hobby that seems to go hand-in-hand with creative writing. It is, after all, storytelling complete with characters and plots. The major difference, though, is in the way it is told and that it involves more people than just the author — a group of authors really — who only control the thoughts and actions of one character. It is an exercise that has greatly improved my character development and my ability to let characters be themselves in a plot, only bumping them when need be to shift them toward the goal in the story. Create a skeleton of a story and then let the characters themselves put flesh to it, much like our Creator has done.

Which brings me to the most important aspect of my life, my faith. I earlier said I am a man of “no real note”, and that I am. Yet, even as insignificant a figure as I am in this world, God saw fit to enter into my life. He bumped me. He nudged me, and He continues to do so to this day. Though the details of that story I’ll save for another day, another page, as I could fill pages as I trace all the times God has stepped in to guide my path. Suffice it to say, God fought hard for me. It was something I could not, and cannot, ignore.

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